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Is your product EpoxyGator different from what's nationally advertised on TV under Mighty Putty?

It is our opinion that our products have a long track record. We have been in the epoxy products business since 1986. In the last 20 years we have seen many "flash in pan" companies come and go. Many promising miracles and quick fixes.  However, we still remain a leader in epoxy products. We are not sure what the technical specs are on what's advertised on TV. Our products are industrial strength and they work for what they are designed to do. All our technical product specs are clearly displayed on this website.  Our 20+ year experience has resulted in 7 different unique formulations suited for different materials like wood, metals, plastic, concrete and glass.  Sorry to say, we don't have a screaming sales guy on TV. What we have are unique products in the epoxy world made in the U.S.A. 

Why do you sell so many different epoxies?

We believe that metals, wood, plastics, concrete, glass etc. have different ratios of expansion. Called the co-efficient of thermal expansion, it's best to use an epoxy for that substrate which best matches to this criteria. For example, copper epoxy is well suited for all copper repairs. Our Plastic Stick will work very well with all general plastics. Hence, our Wood Stick Epoxy is best suited for all repairs on wood.

How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since 1983. We went into the epoxy putty business in 1986.

What makes your products different?

Our products are an overkill in a sense that we have better compressive, tensile and bond strengths and thus they are industrial strength. They are also made in the U.S.A. We also use premium epoxy resins and hardeners for the highest quality epoxy.

What surface prep is needed before using epoxies?

All areas should be clean and dirt free. A wire brush may be used to clean the area prior to epoxy application.

Will your epoxy cure to wet surfaces?

Yes our Aqua Stick, Copper as well as Metal Stick will cure to wet surfaces as well as underwater.

Can your products be used outside?

Absolutely! After cure it can stand up to below zero temperatures as well go up to 300F.

Does your epoxy contain any harsh solvents?

No they do not. We use 100% VOC free formulations.

Can your Aqua Stick by drilled?

Yes indeed. Most of our epoxies can be drilled, sanded, tapped and even painted.

What is the fastest cure epoxy you carry?

Our Steel Stick will set in 3 minutes from mixing and will harden in 8 min. Our Copper Stick has similar specs.

What is the shelf life on your epoxies?

2 years stored in a cool, dry environment.

I want to fix a crack in my concrete steps. What epoxy do I use?

You may want to use the Mason Stick. Mix and over fill the crack. After it dries, sand it down to level of concrete and your done.

I have a bronze figurine that has a cracked foot. What will work?

The best is to use our Steel Stick for this application.

Will your epoxy sticks bond to glass?

Yes most of our epoxy sticks will bond to glass. The best bond  to glass will be Aqua Stick. Using a fine sand paper, lightly scratch the bonding area and apply epoxy for better adhesion.

My aluminum boat has a gash in it? What Epoxy can I use?

 Alumina Stick!

I need something to fix a few different materials like plastic, concrete and metal. Do you offer a discount if I bought 3?

How does your private label program work?

Please contact our sales department and speak to your area sales manager.  The private label program is unique and very profitable for large industrial suppliers to small mom and pop hardware stores.

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