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Sizes available: 2oz (Length 3.5 Inches) & 4oz. (Length 7 1/8 Inches)

Technical Specs: EpoxyGator® Copper Stick   

Two component, ready to use simply by cutting amount desired, kneading by hand to a uniform consistency and apply.  Excellent for all copper parts and equipment but also bonds to brass & bronze.  This epoxy putty will also bond to wood, concrete and glass.

● Excellent for Emergency Repairs to Metals. Seal, Bond, Repair & Refurbish  
● Non-Shrink Properties
● Can be drilled, tapped, sanded, machined and even painted
● Seal leaks in Pipes & Tanks. Stop plumbing leaks within minutes. Even slow leaks!
● Seal copper gutters, spouts, traps, joints, sleeves etc.
● Fill crack and voids
● Bonds to wet and damp surfaces
● Repair casts
● Repair stripped threads in nuts and bolts
● Contains no solvents, thus non-flammable

Directions for use:

Area must be clean and free of oils and dirt.  For best results use a wire brush to scratch the surface to ensure proper bonding.  If any oil is present, please wash/wipe it away using a solvent or cleaner.  Damp surface is okay.

Cut the desired amount using a knife.  Mix by kneading to a uniform consistency.  All our epoxy putty sticks are two component and are conveniently colored.  While mixing make sure both colors have blended well.  Cooler weather will make the epoxy hard to mix.  Simply heat up the epoxy stick until room temperature and use.  After mixing, immediately apply within 1.5 minutes to the area. During the curing phase, material can be smoothed using slight damp fingers. Wash hands with soap and water after use.

Pot Life: Approximately 3 minutes depending upon ambient temperature
Initial Cure: 5 minutes to harden
Full Cure: 60 minutes
Shelf Life: 1.5 Years Unopened Tubes
Compressive Strength: 12,350 lbs p.s.i
Shrinkage: <1
VOC Content: 0%
Operating Temperature: 300 F
Chemical Resistance: Resistant to all general MRO liquids. 
                                Please contact 516-624-9774 for Chemical Resistance Chart
Packaging: Sizes available: 2oz (Length 3.5 Inches) & 4oz. (Length 7 1/8 Inches)
Cured Color: Copper

WARNING: May be a skin irritant to person with sensitive skin. Such person should use gloves and wash hands after use.  This material is an eye irritant. Please use protective goggles when using this product.  If accidental entry to eye occurs, please flush with cold water and contact your physician. Read M.S.D.S before using any chemical products and follow OSHA safe standard and house hygiene practices.


Copper pipe leak repaired with Copper Stick epoxy putty. Epoxy applied around the pipe and allowed to cure.



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